'Copy App' not working


I’m trying to build 2 garage apps - one side for garage clients, one side for garage owners.

Has anyone tried ‘copy app’ via settings today? Its not working for me. App is copied but the new app preview doesnt show anything. I get the ‘loading circle’ icon only.

Also saw something called ‘cloning’ app today. Anyone tried using it?

first time testing Copy; Copy was done with no major problem. :robot: :robot:

  • 1 thing, just the structure was copied…Collections in copy are empty. (as expected)
    …dont see cloning, but can see share database - which one has to select - if you want to share the same User collections between both Apps, you can NOT link it latter…so think well.

Also consider checking this : #TwoMinuteTuesday | Multi sided Apps - YouTube
might be more simple…

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