Newly Cloned Apps Not Working

Is anyone else having a problem with these? Old Clones from the past are working fine, but anything new is showing just a black (blank) screen. If you highlight the screen, there is text that says “Not Found”. I’ve recently cloned the Ordering App, Salesworth, etc. and they are all not working for me.

Hi @arthurvee :wave: :wave:

Yes I also checked that and this screen is appearing. I deleted the cache and cookies and I copied again and I tried again but the sames screen is appearing.

Thank you :blush:

Colin can I know what is happening?

And Colin I saw some errors in the console.

Thank you :blush:

@dilon_perera Thanks for verifying! I’m noticing that it’s working intermittently now.

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Your welcome @arthurvee :innocent:
Yes sometimes and sometimes not.

Now the clone apps are working. :innocent: :innocent:

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