Countdown Timer

Maybe it’s me. But I don’t understand the ‘Countdown Timer’. I want to set the timer to count down to zero from a time and date from the future. (eg. 7 days). I just assumed it would be very obvious how to do this. For some reason - I cannot figure it out. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Dennis Mahon Charlotte, NC

Could you take a screenshot of how you’re doing it and I could help you go from there?

Hi James. I want to first say ‘thank you’ for your quick response. I did figure it out. 7 days is 608,400 seconds so I just put that in and it worked fine.

If you need any more help ask any questions in the forum! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi James,
Kindly help me:
I want to countdown from now to a future date (this date is stored in a field, based on what user inserted), so how to pass the number of seconds for this countdown?

Thank you.