Countdown timer milliseconds


I’m trying to build some animations for components which require timing them and the only way I have been able to do it so far is by using a countdown timer. However, I noticed that it only does up to seconds.

Any suggestions on how I can time actions up to milliseconds?


Hello, you can select (seconds) in the countdown, and write for example: “0.2” which indicates how many milliseconds you’d like the countdown to be.

Thank you!

Hi @Ali-Bazzi , thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I tried your suggestion and it did not seem to work. If you don’t mind, could you please provide some evidence that this method works? Or any suggestions if I am doing something wrong.

I set the timer seconds using magic text to be taken from an input text field. However that does not send the value. I am not sure if the countdown timer is actually doing the function behind and not displaying decimal values or it is not working at all because when I run an action on the timer end, that action happens immediately even if the timer is set to 0.9.

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