Counting characters in the field

Hi everyone, is there a way to count the characters that are entered in the field and that if you do not have exactly 13 characters entered the user is transferred to a modal screen with the notification that he must have 13 characters to successfully register?

Yes @Nemanja check out Nocodemonkey they have an input component that will count the characters for you and you can set many different errors based on your specific criteria. @Michael will be able to assist. I use them and they work great.

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Thanks @iAppsNi ,
Yes @Nemanja , we have a couple components that could solve this issue for you. If you want it to be triggered on a button click you could use our Input Validator Button. You can use Regex to check if it has 13 characters.

Or we have the Autosave Text Input which tracks how many characters were typed. You could then set actions based on how many characters are in the input.

Feel free to DM me if you would like help determining the best option.


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