Limiting the total number of characters

can i limit the total characters entered in a form?

Yes, if you click on “Edit Styles” on a text field, you can add the ‘Max Length’ of entry it will accept:

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got you… thanks and appreciated

by the way, for a form FIELD, i only get following options (no max. character option?):

You may need to build your own form - are you using a pre-built one? They have fewer options for customising behaviour.

oh i have never build a form… how do i do that?

You’ll need to use the form fields:

And then use a button at the bottom to do whatever actions you require:

The Form Documentation is really good - it might be worth having a look at it? There is also a helpful 6-min video that tells you exactly how to make a form:

got you… thanks bud

If you want this for every specific field then upvote this

Hello Adalo.ers,

is there any way we can show on screen the character count of an input field so the user can know how many characters he entered/have left ?
exemple : under an input text field [0/300 characters or 33 characters left] …