Create an api call from database

I’m attempting to use a foods database found here:

But I’m having trouble filling out all the correct information for my API call. Can anyone help me out?

Hi @mrentrekin,

You need to use the foods search?

And then get the response through a external collection and display in a list?

Thank you

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Any chance you could make a two minute video? Thanks for these! I’ll attempt to parse through them later if you can’t!

For sure! Here’s what I did : Food API.mp4 on Vimeo

The website URL to get the API Key : FoodData Central

API Base URL :

I literally followed the entire video! And I still can’t retrieve it! Can I add you as a team member and you can tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Yeah for sure! Here’s my email :

Adding you now! It’s 100% bare bones at the moment because I wanted to get that down before I did anything else, and I need that to be able to journal. Also, I couldn’t set it up to look at errors because the test keeps failing!

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So I’m actually asking you to set it up for me, since I can’t save any attempt for you to review. If you have a website or something I can donate :slight_smile:

Last thing! I’ll drop the api_key in a user property named that!

I was going to message you for this but you sent it now :joy: Telepathy :exploding_head:

The setup that I made in the video right?

Yeah, please! Thanks man!

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Give a refresh to the editor and check the app!

Dude! You’re amazing! Why do you think it’s only populating the A’s? Just the sheer volume? I tried to import a csv instead of using API, but it was too big a file.

Did’t get it :no_mouth: Could you explain a bit more?

This is as much as I’m getting when I scroll.

Also, I feel like I followed your instructions! Crazy that it didn’t work but yours did :slight_smile:

You need more items?

I’m guessing that you didn’t added the result key. But anyway that it’s working now!

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I am actually facing the same issue, I got News APi from and it only calls one news repeating again and again.