Food Database API


We’re looking to temporarily shortcut our road to populate our food app by using an API that will do it for us. Then remove the API once our vendors upload food.

We have built all the APIs we need but this is a bit uncertain for us. The objective is their API fills our food listing search with food such as restaurant meals + grocer food etc.

  1. We’re not 100% sure where to place the API (food listing search page?)
  2. What other pages -if any then the standard food truck template would need to build to see the food.
  3. How would the food database API become available/seen?

I’m sorry @ola77 but I do not really understand the questions. I feel I am missing something but not sure what.

Could you try rephrasing the questions and providing some images if required to explain your needs?

we just want to use the api above to populate the food app. but don’t know how - we’ve done other API’s but not sure how this one would exactly populate the food listing search that customer sees.

PS. Its not as needed as much as we’re manually populating the app to start us off then deleting as it starts to fill up. But the answer could help someone in the future.

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