Create Chart of database COUNT over time (per day)

I am making a simple chart that shows the count of events occurring each day for the past 7 days. Currently, I have 10 events in my user’s collection, and all of these are marked over the past 7 timestamps as seen in the screenshot. I am trying to make this chart count how many events occurred each day and display that count per day (ie. 1 count if 1 event happened 2 days ago, 2 counts if 2 events happened 3 days ago, etc). How would I go about making this happen?

A small second question - my chart was sorted oldest to newest with a max # of items, but this cuts off the latest events… Is there a way to sort newest to oldest moving right to left (essentially flipping the screenshot)?

Many thanks


I believe this is the exact use case that @Mitch-Pragmaflow designed the Quick chart component for because he was unable to solve it

You can install it here:

This looks brilliant! I’ll go through their marketplace and see if that works out. Thank you!

Welcome, here is a video related to it

It looks like the @Mitch-Pragmaflow’s code on Github is no longer available (404 on their page link). I’ll refer back to this in the near future when it’s hopefully back up.

Sorry, the repo was set to private, it is public now.

Lovely, thank you

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It is in fact the exact use case

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