Create freemium application

Hello community, how are you?

I am trying to create a freemium style application, it is a stock control application.

Where the free user can only add 5 products to control the stock and the paid user has no product limit.

The problem is that I cannot think of how to impose this limitation in case the free user tries to upload 6 products, does not allow it and shows an error message.

Does anyone comes up with something?

Thanks as always :slight_smile:

Hi there!

It’s easy.

You must be having an add product button which links to an add product screen.

So create a true false property in the users collection - ‘premium user?’

Then create 2 add product screens - one for premium users and 1 for fee users.

Now create 2 actions on the add product button with the advanced option = on for the button

Action 1: link to add product screen for free users
(this action happens sometimes when ‘premium user? = false’)

Action 2: link to add product screen for premium users
(this action happens sometimes when ‘premium user? = true’)

I hope this solves your problem!

Thanks for your answer, but this still does not solve the problem of the limits.

If I want the free user to only be able to load 5 products for example?

Add a new collection called ‘product count’
Property 1 - Name
Property 2 - User (relationship - user can have multiple product count, a product count belongs to 1 user)

Now in the add product screen for the free user do this:

In this screen there will be an icon like maybe - ‘add to cart’

On this icon put an extra action - Create Product count (name = empty, user = logged in user)

Now add 1 more extra action to this button:
Link to ‘Upgrade to Premium’ Modal
with an advance condition:
‘Current user --> Product count --> count’ is greater than 5!

I hope this would solve your problem!


Thanks, use something similar. But also using component visibility.

For example, I have a single form (premium and free), both can access, but create a button that directs the user to the form if they have less than 5 items in the collection. If you have more and it is premium, the button is hidden and an exclusive button for premium users appears that removes that limitation.

Great @Maxiogas! I would love to see your app once its made :grinning:

My apologies for interfering - just wanted to warn you about Apple’s policy of in-app purchases, so that the app might be blocked for App Store publishing. As I understand, Apple requires to process the payments for non-physical products via their purchases system, and Adalo doesn’t support it yet (AFAIK).

Just a gentle warning - stumbled upon this issue (not sure reg. Google).



It is not a problem because I am creating a web app, so the memberships are managed from a web, not from the app.

But thanks for clarifying it, it may be something interesting for everyone who is creating premium apps.


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