Custom "Freemium" Access

Hi. I am creating fitness app to deliver custom programs to clients. I will offer some free programs through the app, but for those who want a premium experience, paid programs. Whereas all users will have to sign in, how do I lock programs away for only those who have paid? Thanks

You might have a Property in your users that reads their current status “Freemium”, “Premium” etc. Then when adding new workouts you can change their visibility to show “Sometimes” then choose, when Logged In user’s Status is Premium. Hope that helps.

Browse the video Tutos, its all there… :mechanical_arm:
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I will try this. Thank you

ok this would help from another aspect of my app, but I will also see if this helps with the my current issue. Thank you

Based on these few method, you can add as many roles as you wish:

  • admin
  • free users
  • paid users
  • premium, etc…
    the sky is your limit ! :man_superhero:
    check FILTERS for even more hide/show list

woah that just blew my mind lol. So would I create a separate data set for each of those and then place a true/false toggle? I want to be able to set this up so that it’s automatically activated after payment. Or even if I can go through my side of the app and simply make it visible to just the people who have purchased.

Right, True/false or you can also use “group name”
1/ if you have not too many users you could opt for a simple and manual day to day way to assign each user to their role/paid plan.
2 / when you start to have wayyyy too many to do that - or they(d expect instant access - you’ ll probably have to go through automated ways involving other services Zapier/integromat/whatever
…and that’s much more trickier to set up (from what I ve read) :cold_face: :cold_face:

I’d create 3 standard users and start focusing on that part of your app requirement/cost, etc…
thats the hardest process to set up and making sure its working steadily is a must.

You can set data for everyone in a single collection - if thats more convenient - the “access level” can filter the right data for right group of person on a unic List Page. (less work)
*a dedicated page for each privilege group is another option

Within Adalo, giving access to specific pages is a piece of cake.

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