Create multiple new records in Adalo from Custom Action response

Hi everyone,

hope you can help me with this one. We couldn’t find any solution in the help docs, forum or through trial & error.

We are trying to create multiple new records in an Adalo collection from a custom action response. Workflow as follows:

We filled in the magic text hoping that Adalo would automatically create a new record for each dataset received in the response. However, everything that is created is a single record showing empty values for all magic text received from the response. See Screenshot 4:

Any ideas what we’re doing wrong/what we could do to make it work?

A possible workaround would be to manage everything in an external database. However, for maintainability reasons we want to leave the appointment collection in Adalo (Adalo is so user-friendly it’s almost embarrassing).


  1. why do you need custom actions within Adalo? You can save the data in collection by using Create/Update/Delete actions within Adalo (screenshot attached)
  2. Is the form submitted 1 record at a time or multiple records simultaneously by the user?


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The custom action is needed because we didn’t find any way to create multiple events at once in Adalo.

With recurring events things get messy pretty fast. Think e. g. about a daily lunch break mon-fri from 12-13. Thats 20 events every month alone.

That’s much easier using the custom action.

In that case you probably should use automation tool and iterate through the responses to be loaded into Adalo’s collections.


  1. Send a webhook to Integromat
  2. Add iterator
  3. Send one record at a time with http post calls back to Adalo.
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Appreciate your advice! Mind if I get back to you if I decide to try your solution?

For now, for maintainability reasons I would prefer to have a more direct way to handle the response. We can’t really be the first once to rely on a custom action that returns more than one result. I bet there’s already a solution that I have overlooked so far.

Understand there’s a bulk action coming soon in Adalo, not sure when though.

But yes, happy to help if required.

Not giving up just yet. Do you maybe have an idea how to create multiple records from this single API response containing multiple records @anon78309838 ?

Until we can handle arrays and bulk actions, the only way to achieve this right now is to take this data outside of Adalo and use a 3rd party service such as Integromat/Zapier to manipulate the data and send it back to Adalo using the Adalo collections API.


I think I am not going to use 3rd party services because Adalo will bring it out themselves I really hope Adalo can bring it out soon (before the summer of this year).

can you provide a tutorial how to do that with zapier/Integromat?


@anon78309838 any updates on handling arrays and bulk actions?


@anon78309838, I am also interested in seeing when arrays and bulk actions would be avaliable. Thanks!

I also need something similar where a user gets multiple standard assignments, so I need to create all of them at once once the user signs up. After signup complete, it needs to iterate through a collection and create all of the “result” records that are associated with each of the standard assignments.

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Are there any updates on this as far as bulk actions? I’m trying to create multiple collections at once based on an input.

This is only doable by a custom component

Are there any updates on the bulk actions?

There is no bulk action but what are you trying to achieve? Most likely you can handle this in make zapier or xano.

Hi Rozza,

An example, I want to create the 2 blood pressure values, systolic and diastolic, one click in the same form.



Hi Andy,

If it is just one additional record then you can just stack the actions on the submit button.
You could do this for 3 or 4 records max before things get too slow.

Hi, Rozza,

The records come from different databases, but I can only access one single DB, am I right?