Create my calendar and i need to give it structure order by day

Hello, I have some questions, since I couldn’t find a component for this function, I decided to create my own calendar where I can put prices per day.

Days (365 days)

  1. How can I make the days aligned, example: every Monday below Monday, etc… like the visual of the calendar

  2. Every time I reserve a schedule, the calendar undergoes movements… how do I make sure it is always in the same way
    I’m trying various build options


Hey there @Santiago

I’m not sure exactly how you’re trying to achieve it, but if you’re simply looking to have a calendar style look using the days of the week.

You can have a list of months (with maximum number of items set to 1) and nest 7 lists of days of the week. And then filter the list by that specific date if date is on that day of the week. This probably wouldn’t be very fast and may look funky when it’s first loading all the data… because 1 list with 7 nested lists is a lot of information to load.

Really really rough idea:

I’d say to give it a try.

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Hello, thanks for the answer, I was thinking of doing something like that, but I think it’s going to be very slow, but I’m going to design it like this and I’ll tell you how it went!

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