Create or update database IF


I have a customer database.
My customer can log in for getting some fedelity point with putting his phone number.

I want as an action is the phone number is already in the database update his line and if the number is not in the database create a new line in my database.

Does anyone have any idea?

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Hi, what do you want if the client doesn’t have a phone number… the system detects that and says HEY PEDRO… you don’t have a phone, update the number?

If so, you can do it this way:

in the customer database you add a property that is telephone …

in the home you put an action that takes you to the update page sometimes if the logged in user phone number is equal to empty … then there you put an input that puts their phone number and the button is to update logged in user … in where is the phone you put the input …

hey thank you for your answer.

So if no customer number, action to create a line

if exist i want to say Hello, and say that your got x points.

But i am still strugeling with both action where to put it.

I can only do 1 but not the other