Following current user, also creates empty user data field in the collection

Hey folks,

I’ve hit a snag with my app: every time I use a toggle to follow a user, it’s creating a duplicate user profile without any data. Even though I’m only using update actions, not create actions. I’ve tried rearranging the action order and even upgraded to 14 day trial, but the problem persists . Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks for your help! :pray:

adalo bug1 2

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Hello. Welcome to the community. I had the same problem but thanks to @dilon_perera it’s solved.

He solved it by discovering that it was because I mistakenly added a empty signup action as a screen action in the signup screen! You can check if there’s a empty signup action and remove it!

Hey Domba, thank you but i can’t see his replies and i looked threw my sign up page but couldnt find anything. Can it be on every side? Or just there

I really do need help, I’m looking thrw every component for the past 30min and im not even at the half of them. Can’t find an empty sign up form - but is it 100%? then i will look further! guess there is no way to search for the action and it sows where it’s beeing used ?

That was problem in my app but check db as i told you. If is not problem in there someone will help you

i rebuild the toggle and now it works after 2 days of not doing so, still thank you very much!

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The Problem came back :C what do i do - last time i rebuild everything, all went fine. Now its the same problem again

@conan, did you checked for screen actions? The screen which you shared as a screenshot?