Creating records through adalo api - field with linked record not in sample payload?

I’m using parabola to create records in my adalo collection through the adalo api. it works except…the collection I’d like to create records in has a field that is a relationship to another collection. That field isn’t available in my adalo api sample json payload…assuming I know the record id for the related record, is there any way to create that field along with the other fields in the record I’m creating through the api?

I think @Victor made a video about how to do this on Integromat, might be similar for Parabola.

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Thank you. I was able to get it to work in parabola after a little tinkering and I had to add parameter in the payload that wasn’t showing by default and it took it as long as the only thing sent to the field with a relationship is the id for the related field.

Btw…thanks for the videos you’ve been doing…I’ve gotten a lot of help from a number of your videos on youtube. Cool to see you on here!

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Unrelated to my first question, I seem to be hitting a limit of 500 records when pulling data out from my adalo collections via the api. The pagination is working but I keep stopping at 500. Is there a way around this. In my specific case I have 540 records in a collection I need to pull in to, do some work to it…then I’ll need to update those same 540 records…but I’m hitting a limit at 500 and not sure why.

I see the api documention about rate limiting and I’m guessing it’s related to that…I tinker with that X-RateLimit-Limit header.

scratch that…it was user error…an issue with my api settings in parabola. sorry for the spam :slight_smile:

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Haha no worries good to share your experience so other people can learn later.