Is there any tutorial on creating linked records in Airtable?

Hi, I’ve been trying to figure out how to create a new record in an Airtable base, in which one of the fields is a linked record from another table in the same base. I’ve been scouring through this thread: Airtable linked records can be sent throught the api? - Help - Adalo but I don’t understand how to do it myself, especially considering there’s a lot of trial and errors in that thread too.

For reference on how newbie I am, I was able to link Airtable to Adalo only by going through the step-by-step in their documentation, and even then I have to refer to it because I forget what I did. I get lost when it comes to writing the JSON, which authorization to use, etc :frowning:

So going back to the other thread, I saw many replies and I wanted to know if there’s any step-by-step documentation out there which I can read through and figure out how to add a record myself from Adalo.

If someone can help me figure out the steps, I’ll document them here with screenshots so that anyone else can refer to it in the future.

Hi Addy,
Did you get answers from your post ? I am currently in the same situation :face_with_head_bandage:

The answer I received from support is that you can’t create linked records in Adalo yet.

So what I did is, when creating new records using Adalo > Airtable, I set Adalo to fill out a “single text field” in Airtable. Then I use Airtable’s automation feature (available in the paid plans) to copy/paste the value in this single line text field, and paste it in the linked field. This workaround does the trick for now.

Thanks Addy! I’ll try it out.
@Adalo, do you happen to know when you will have this linked records feature ready ?


I used linked records update in my apps & here’s an example:

Thanks bhanu for your message.
However I have difficulties understanding how I can use that to solve my problem.
Maybe some screens will be clearer for your to help me :pray:

Here is my DataBase Structure (Airtable):

First, I want to list all the games available:

My issue, is that I don’t have access to the table “center” here, hence:

Then, when a user clicks on a game I want to see infos about the game & infos about the related booking (participants registered to the game):

But I don’t have access to the “booking” table.

But instead I get all the players of the database.

Do you think you could help me to solve my problem ??

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Same here, I couldn’t work out how to make linked records work, there’s no straightforward guide for non-techies like me.

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