Currency Exchange

Hi! I am stock and need help please!
I have been trying to integrate External collection for exchange rate using an open Ai
But I have been getting this error message
“An error occurred when calling GET ALL. Are you sure you entered the correct results key?”

But I tried all the keys I could see and think of but still not working
I Also tried an other website to try a different iD/key but same error message.

Can you please help me? Please! And I will pay if you request me to.

Please I need help

Attached is what I am getting when I am trying to test.

Anyone can help?


Its showing error because the response is in object not in array, response result should be in array that means under [ ] square bracket not in { }.


Please I can pay if I have to.
I think from your answer you know what to do and I am still not understanding.
Can you please help me?

Hi @Pam,

I don’t think you can connect this API as an external collection.

As I see here ExchangeRate-API - Standard Request Type Documentation, this is a response which you need to get using Custom Action.


Ok, thank you. Can you help me get it done?

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