Currency Number Fields and Number Pad

Is there a way to tell Adalo that a text input field is currency? I know you can have a number entry display once the record has been created and choose currency from within the magic text area.

I am wanting the user to not have to put in the decimal point during input… For example, instead of having to type in 10.25, they would simply type in 1025. Each time a new number was inserted, everything would bump one place to the right:

1       0       2        5

$0.01 —> $0.10 —> $1.02 —> $10.25

Also, since this is only a number field, is there a way to bring up only number inputs on the keyboard?

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide!

Interesting question! I will have a play later and see what I am able to achieve!

So a bit of playing around and I have as close as I think I will get to this solution.

Create a collection for holding the value (provided you don’t have one already).

Create 2 input fields similar to the setup you can see here.


Then create the following action for the GO button:

This formula will save the number with 2 decimal points.

Thanks, Colin for giving this a go! It really doesn’t make things easier especially since the calculator function I’m building doesn’t require any submissions. It just uses the user input to display the calculation in real time. This would require multiple inputs and submissions instead of just typing in the numbers. It would be awesome if you could tell an input field that a currency should be inputed and have the decimal be put in place automatically so the user doesn’t have to find and select it in the phone’s keyboard.

I’m assuming there really isn’t a way to just bring up a number pad since you didn’t allude to that in your initial response. Is this correct?

Yeah I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible at the moment but I would encourage you to add it as a feature request.

Hi @ctboita @Colin

May be something like this can help?

Very quick and dirty, I can explain the logic later :slight_smile:



This is certainly closer to what I am looking for and thank you for spending the time trying to help me find a solution! I tried to create a number pad in one of my designs but couldn’t figure out how to get it to populate a Text Input Field. I also have two Text Input Fields on each screen that are calculated together to show the answers.

You can see part of the project by visiting the PWA at the following link:
Calculator Example

This is my initial mockup with the number pad but abandoned it due to the fact I wasn’t able to get it to do what I wanted:

I certainly don’t need to use a Text Input but I couldn’t figure out how to make the calculations happen otherwise. I was also trying to avoid having to use a collection database since the calculation doesn’t really need one. It could easily build thousands of entries very quickly.

The second half of my project on the other hand does have a collection component because it allows the user to create an item then calculate and save the information.

This is what one of the screens looks like:

There is a chance I could use a number pad like in your example for this section but the screen space would be limited since you can’t really call up a screen to do the input like the system keyboard. I have all of the fields hidden until a number has been inputted and the arrow gets selected… This updates the record for the current item.

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Hi @ctboita

Ah, now I see what you want to achieve :slight_smile:

To start with: here is the link numpad/pinpad example, a bit more polished:
Please feel free to use :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the input field: I’ve discovered that for some reason it is NOT possible to do mathematical operations with the value of input field, even if this field configured as Numeric. @Colin may I kindly ask if it is a bug or a feature? :slight_smile: I’ve stumbled upon this roadblock several times, e.g. trying to create a UX interface for quantity.

@ctboita as for your app, if you try to use in-app Numpad, like in your initial mockup, then you probably would not need an input field. Having it might confuse the user: he/she will have 2 different interfaces to do the same action.
May be you could place Numpad into “Modal” window (UX workflow: tap on “pseudo”-input - modal w/numpad - enter values - presses ok). Or a make a “float-up” screen with numpad - like left-nav screen, but floating from down.

And reg. collections - I didn’t find a way to do it without using the database. No storage for temporary variables, so have to invent some workarounds :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


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