Creating Numbers Keypad

Am new to adalo, I dont fully understand how it all works yet, but trying to create a numbers key pad. I need some help. How is it done?

As in, you want the device to throw up a numpad? Or you want to do a calculator style app with buttons for numbers, or you want a musical keyboard with numbers on the keys?

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Some like a calculator

Hi @Humphery ,

Use many hidden text input, for example if you need 6 digits, then have 6 text inputs.

Have another text input to store index of the digits, such as 1st, 2nd…

Have another that joined them all in initial value, so you can get the aggregate value.

Probably not a whole solution, but more like direction.

Ok, a calculator has the numbers the other way around but I get that you mean. You could use a component to invoke the numpad on the device. Like this:

Or you could use a solution made by someone else in a clone able app:

thanks for the help thats what I was looking for @
February 16

thanks @thisisnickjames that was exactly what I was looking for.

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