Current GDPR compliance situation

Hi everyone, I apologise if this issue was answered already but as far as I know it was not. Does anyone please know any news regarding the situation with GDPR? It would be great to hear some kind of feedback from Adalo. Thanks!

Not even a proximal date we can aim to?

Hi Tommen, unfortunately we do not have a date to provide at this time. Obviously the recent ruling that was given has changed quite some things and made it more challenging but we are committed to providing a solution to this.

Hi Colin, thanks for your response. Wish good luck in resolving this and hope it will be soon! :slight_smile:

Also, can I please ask you for a piece of advice regarding this? Do you know if there is a possible workaround for that? I know this is very sensitive and risky topic but it makes our work basically useless. Cannot we f.e. state in it terms and conditions or something? Thanks.

Hi @Tommen
I allow myself to join the exchange.
Does this mean that it is impossible to publish an application on stores in the EU?

Thank you :wink:

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to be able to comment on or provide any workaround regarding such matters, sorry.

Hi @Fsteeve,
As far as I know, Adalo stores its data in USA, therefore it doesn’t comply with EU’s GDPR restrictions which makes you basically unable to work with any kind of data that users from EU provide. This was brought to my attention recently and I did not even think of such a situation since Adalo does not state that (as far as I know). So if I understand correctly, you cannot publish an app in EU that would work with data of users (signup, login…) - most of the apps.

I am not an expert on this problematics but I did some research here in the forum as well as on the web. Please prove me if I am wrong or add any info that may be useful. I hope that Adalo will resolve this as soon as possible and will provide some kind feedback so we can continue with our apps. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer. It’s a real problem for me and a real disappointment …

In my situation, an alternative would be to offer the mobile application in SDK.

Do you know if it’s possible to do so?


No worries, I completely share your thoughts and feelings. I wish Adalo was more helpful and responsive in such important topic. I honestly do not know much about SDK but would really welcome some kind of solution, hopefully soon and wasting my app. Thanks too!

Hi Colin, Thanks for the note, will keep watching. A different question that could contribute to the answer - Is there a bit more information regarding technical security features that Adalo uses to protect, secure and store information stored and in transit. While it might not count as outright GDPR compliance it could prove more than sufficient to answer many base requirements from a privacy and security perspective?

I also found this post which has some information regarding this, not sure if anything has changed since. Security, Encryption, Sustainability & GDPR

I’ve seen the post but I’m afraid it’s quite old to make any conclusions. It’s been more than half a year and I think this issue could have been addresses already or at least we could be given some kind of resolution/statement. Also it would be great if we could hear something from Adalo headquarters since it’s such a big issue. We’ll see :roll_eyes:

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