Current Time Malfunction

Just tried to use the “current time” function in my database to collect the date and time a record was authorized (not created). When I demoed, the current time displayed was “15 hours ago”. Any idea what could have caused this?

Just realized that the field was a “Date” field and the format was set to relative by default. Because of this it showed “15 hours ago” as the start of the current day. Changed it to show the date, and it displayed the date correctly.

Wish I had this explained before I used it though. And why should “Relative” be the default format for a “Date” field?

This the default format as it is actually the most common way users want a date displayed.

Ok. Hasn’t been my experience though (for it to be the “most common way” I want a date displayed). I definitely use it at times, but not as a default.

Thanks for the response, @Colin

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