Custom Action Response

Hello all,

I’m playing with OpenAI and Adalo and having some trouble with objects with multiple properties.

The response for sentence completion (as shown in the image as “choices”) has multiple properties. I need the “text”.

When I attempt to update the collection, it seems to update as “’) { var React” whereas it recognises the other values.

How can I retrieve the text?


Hi Dominic,

Just tested and I see that we can add the text as a Output Property. Can you see that?

Thank you

Not at all, this is what I see

I see what you did.

You deleted the output to begin with to try to add it again.

The output appears in the test request. When I save it to the collection it saves as something completely different. That only happens for the output text

The issue was I didn’t specify the magic text input on the click action but did in the test response

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Yep correct! Otherwise the result is coming as Blank. Then the blank result saving on the collection!

Happy that you have solved it! :wink:

Good Luck!