Showing output of a "Post" external API call


I have created a custom action. The action is successful. How do I display the output of this call in Magic Text or in a list?

I have tried both a Get and a Post call. I still cannot figure out how to display the output of that API either through Magic Test or through the list. Do I need to add it to a database and then display it?


Hi @cardinalsofnc,

After a custom action to show the result you need to store it and then you can show that! If you use the Users collection in your app you can create a property and then after the custom action add a update logged in user action that adds the custom action result there. And then you can show that user property!

Or you can use a hidden input component. You can add a input component and hide it going to the edit styles and add a Change input value action after the custom action and in there select that input and for the value select the custom action result. And then you can show that input!

Thank you

Forgot to reply back, but this worked! Thank you!

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