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Hi guys, I am trying to create a custom action that would send an email via MailChimp to the newly signed user, following the video tutorial made by Adalo and I encountered some issues. I struggle to find an API URL or actually don’t know what does that URL represent (1:08 in the video) and does anyone please know where do I find the body (1:56, “enter JSON here”)? Is it a generic one that I can write or should I find it somewhere inside the Mailchimp? Thank you for all kinds of help :slight_smile:


Try their documentation:


Thanks for your response but as someone who is a complete rookie when it comes to APIs I still feel lost :thinking: :pensive:

My suggestion would be to try to find some good tutorials to explain the basics of API’s to improve your understanding of them. Then there will be nothing stopping you and everything will become much easier :slight_smile:

To be very honest, I never had experience with any of this API nonsense before Adalo too. The documentations from Mailchimp, SendinBlue, and the other big boys are quite clear and easy to follow. You literally copy the code and edit the obvious parts according to your own app.

But like what Colin suggested, you can try watching some explainer videos on how APIs work. But the TL;DR is that APIs allow different apps to communicate with one another. And the most common API is the REST API, which allows us to create, retrieve, update or delete (CRUD) data from any app’s database.

In your case, you’ll be sending an API call from Adalo to Mailchimp involves sending a request to Mailchimp’s transactional email platform to send an email to a user on Adalo, based on his/her email address, name and any other details.

So look for the POST (aka creating a record) method to send an email/message.

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Thanks, will give it a try :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tommen,

Out of curiosity - tried to integrate with Mailchimp, that’s not very complex. Actually the name is “Mandrill”.
API method for sending an email is described here:

URL used for API call:

Example request JSON is here:

Of course you need to obtain API key. Before that, you need to verify the domain - that’s done easily, there are instructions for that.

Reg. setting it up in Adalo - as I understand, there is no need to add anything to “Headers & Queries” section, you need to add API key to the body itself to the appropriate section.

However, I’ve stumbled upon a problem - everything works fine in a test request, but doesn’t work when I connect the action to the button. Don’t know how to debug such problems :-/

Hi @Victor,
Thank you very much! I’m trying to educate myself a bit regarding an API and trying to figure this out so your message is truly helpful :slight_smile:

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You could use Zapier to do this. Super easy to implement
Can do many actions based on a new record in the Adalo DB
Would be an easy. way. to work around this and open up a whole world of other integrations for you

I know you can use Zapier but I’d prefer to use custom actions if it’s doable. It would mean additional expenses and complications. But thanks for idea :slight_smile:

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