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Hi everyone. I’m doing an app for food dilivery. The problem is that the customer needs the order in the app to be sent to the cafe’s email for preparatin and dilivery. I dont understand how to do it through custom action. Please help and explain. Opologize for my English. Thanks!

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You have lot of options and I’ll add a few!

You can use Abracadalo ( @Abracadalo )!

They did a video a too! : Notification API Tutorial - YouTube

And there docs :

Another one you can use is Sendgrid!

Have a video a too : Adalo Custom Actions Tutorial - SendGrid Email - YouTube

And there docs :

Another one that you can use is Adastacks!

A video : Adalo Tutorial: Send Cheap Scheduled or Delayed Notifications with Adastacks - YouTube

And the docs : Scheduled Notifications - Adastacks Guides

Another one is Sendinblue!

Have some videos : Sending emails in Adalo via Sendinblue - YouTube , Adalo tutorials: multistep customised password reset. ATTENTION - IMPORTANT UPDATES in description. - YouTube

And there docs :

Hope this helps! Let us know if you still can’t figure it out!

Thank you

Thank you so much

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