Creating automated emails using SendGrid via custom actions

Hi guys, have anyone please tried to create a custom action to send an automated email using the SendGrid? I was following the tutorial on Youtube but I am still a bit lost within a SendGrid. If anyone is experienced using that, I would like to ask a few questions :smiley: Thank you! :slight_smile:

What are the questions you have about it?

I am not sure what language should I choose when creating a Web API but I assume itโ€™s Java because of JSON, is that correct? :slight_smile:

What do you mean by creating an API? Or do you mean that you just want to query an existing API (in this case - Sendgrid). Adaloโ€™s API requests are based on REST not on any language in particular.

I was trying to find the info required, such as API Base URL, Body, Value (mentioned in the video). I am rather confused what to do exactly within a SendGrid, whether to go to Marketing or Email API and where to generate the info. Thank you.

We changed to SendinBlue, was much easier to use and cheaper, check here:

Jorge :slight_smile:

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Thatโ€™s a great idea, thank you!

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