Custom action using Xano API

I am using Xano’s free version with an Adalo Pro Plan. I’ve gotten the sign up and login process completed, now I’m trying to figure out how to create a relationship between Users and Posts. Every time I create a post in Adalo it does not get assigned to the a user in my Xano database. It’s like I need to figure out how to assign the user id to the post or something. Can anyone help with this?


I’m not sure how to get the user id to appear in Adalo so that I can assign it


Is this possible to perform without Adalo’s Team plan? @Flawless @dilon_perera @Victor

That is the ID for the adalo database. I’m was trying get the xano user id to appear in adalo. I just went ahead and bought the team plan. Thanks for the response

I am having the same struggle. Have you figured out how to send data to xano using a button in adalo. normal action did not work for me and i can’t get a custom action to work

Hi @GeneralJWS,

Sorry for the late reply!

To get the ID in Xano you need that user record to appear in your app. How’s the Users function works in your app? The Users collection already created in the app. If it is you would need to get the user id from the email or any information that matches in the Users collection and the Users table in Xano.

But anyway you bought the team plan and that will make this easier for you! Good Luck!

Thank you