Custom Component Developer Needed

Hey I need someone to build a custom component.

The component would be either:

A. Ability to draw on an image or PDF
B Drop a Pin on an image.

Essentially the app is for inspections, I need to reference an area/location on a plan by (A. drawing or B. dropping a pin), then provide an image/description.

Any one able to help, obviously I can and will pay if the price is right :slight_smile:

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I can help you.

Tell more about the component, for example if the component use variables.


Thank you @ricklennie. Just ping’d you.

I think this would be a very useful component for Adalo, like Instagram/Facebook tagging of an image.

Simply tag a location within the image frame, have a pop up to select Defined Database > Name, or simply have a pop up input field… This would allow many social media, social feed users to tag photos.

Welcome anyone’s thoughts.

Hi Keith,
Having built some complex Adalo components in the past I would be glad to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,


In this case is possible create a private component.

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