Custom Component issues...Information not populating in list

I have a custom component in my app and I’m having issues where lists are not filtering correctly or not populating at all when I use data generated from the custom component.

We’ve gone over it and there doesn’t seem to be any issues with the component. Has anyone else had similar issues?

Currently I’m trying to exclude documents from any users who have commented on a document. However, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Anyone have any advice?

Which component are you talking about Michael?

I’m talking about my ereader. It doesn’t look like the component should have any actual effect but the list just isn’t working properly. I sent a video of the issue through the support form a couple days ago.

I can send it again if that would be helpful.

Hey @Colin,

Any word on this?

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delay. I will chase this up internally today.

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Thanks Colin,

I got a message from Ashley today.

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