Custom lists not showing up in preview

So my custom lists are not populating on the preview screen. Theyre showing up in the design view and are connected to data. Is there something I’m missing? Is this a bug?

From my experience this usually happens related to :

  1. Visibility. If you have some settings with “Sometimes Visible”, please check it. Because if there is multiple components or multiple groups or multiple lists that has this setting but overlapping each other (the yellow box when we click on the component), it will behave strangely.
  2. There is some other components that accidentally get inside of that particular Custom List (maybe a background rectangle). Somehow this rectangle eats your entire screen instead of the custom list itself.
  3. Fixed position (bottom or top). If there’s some groups of components or lists that has this setting, please check it. Sometimes we accidentally make some of our components overlapping with each other.
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