Custom component not working on android

I made a custom component and published it in private. It works well on web but not on android. On my Pixel 4a, the app crashes when I land on the page which contain the component. On adroid studio, it just doesn’t show (see pictures down below).

Expected ^

Actual ^
I saw this post but it doesn’t have any replies.
How can I debug this or at least get understandable error messages ?

Have the same issue with my component

I just find out that it’s because of my component’s code. I made a simple Hello world component and it worked so I’m going to check where’s the problem in my code by adding lines until it breaks. It’s the only solution I have for now.

Moreover, mobile-previewer for android studio doesn’t show marketplace/private components for some reason so I’m forced to make an android build everytime I update my component to check on my mobile.

Hope you’ll find a solution as well

Please, share the result. I’ve tried the same - the simplest component and it did not work for me.

Hello Guys,

I suggest to Submit a Support Ticket!

And maybe Daniel ( @danielcosta ) or other component developers can help here? {Michael (@Michael,Jimmy (@njimmy10 ),James (@James_App_Maker ) } I Apologize for tagging you’ll! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

const DisplayNotifications = (props) => {

It’s really that simple I don’t think this will help you :confused:

Hello, I already asked and they can’t provide support for private components unfortunately (response below).

This is a the basic when creating an adalo component, may i ask what does your component do? Are you using any libraries?

I don’t use any libraries.
I have a table named UserNotifications whic contains all the notifications sent to the user. If the notifications are not soft deleted (true/false in table) the component shows them. There is also a button (“Tout masquer” = “Hide all”) which update all the UserNotifications softDeleted property to true.

Here’s the code

const DisplayNotifications = (props) => {
  const { listItems } = props;
  return (
      {listItems.length > 0 ? (
          onPress={() => {
            listItems.forEach((i) =>
          Tout masquer
      ) : null}
        renderItem={({ item }) => {
          if (item.notification.type === "Texte") {
            return (
                <View style={styles.card}>
                  <Text style={styles.title}>{item.notification.title}</Text>
                  <Text style={styles.subtitle}>
                <View style={styles.divider}></View>

It was a problem with my styles for the FlatList, and the text in <TouchableOpacity> should be in a <Text> tag :slight_smile:

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