Question - Custom Actions and Form Submit Button

Before I start to work on my app idea I have been reading the Adalo documentation and looking in the forums. I noticed in the Adalo documentation under “Custom Actions” section that it states “Custom Actions do not work on Form component submit buttons”

My question is can any one let me know how they are using forms to collect data and then using it with a custom action?

My app would need to collect data for 4 questions and then when user presses a button it would create the record and send an email alert so that the Admin would know an update had been made.

Perhaps I am thinking about it the wrong way…anyway any help/guidance would be appreciated!!

Thank you - Russell

Don’t use the form component, just use inputs and a button. I.e. build your own form.

This video is not really about your question, but it shows how you can build your own form rather than using the stock form.

Thank you !! I appreciate the help!!

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