Custom Components from Groups?

Is there a way to create custom components from groups?
I have grouped together some compenents and want to use them on multiple screens.
I want to be able to change to look of these components in one place so that I don’t need to change them on every screen seappartely.

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Hey there @felix

This is not possible. A client of mine requested to change the “App Bar” components across their entire app (80+ screens) and I had to change the colors of every single one of them manually.

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Wow, that’s actually pretty bad :sweat_smile:
I wonder if it is possible to create a custom component that can do this.

Ufffff, that was some job :sweat:

@felix Indeed, it would be great to have reusable elements.

You can propose features here: Feature Requests | Adalo

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:sweat_smile: Luckily it was just the color of the app bars and not like the very back rectangle that’s nested in a group with a nested list of a custom list that’s within a group. :woozy_face:

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