Custom Navigation Component


I’m in the process of developing a custom navigation component which comes along pretty nicely but I have three issues/quesitons:

  • how can I enable/define the “Edit Styles” section in a custom component which is shown below the options in the editor side panel on the left?
  • how can I make the component fixed to the bottom without having to put it into a separate group and fix the group via “Edit Styles” > “Fixed” > “Bottom” setting?
  • how can I use the loading animation when a button is clicked as a user feedback before the action is completed? i think this is called ripple feedback or something.

I find there is not much detailed information in the dev docs.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: what’s the reason for closing topics after 10 days? that’s annoying and nothing else!

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@Michael can you maybe help me out here? You seem to be the one with the most experience in custom component development on this forum :blush:

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