Custom Formula "Count" Displaying incorrect count

Hey there,

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here… I have a collection with 32 records:

But when I do a “count” on that collection, it shows up as 20. Why is this?

(This last picture is from the preview and the ONLY part of the custom formula is “Content Ladder count”)

I was having a similar error with this Collection earlier when I had a list of the same collection and when it was sorted by anything, it would MAX show 20 items. But when it isn’t sorted, it shows all of them just fine.

This has to be a bug, right?

Hello mycheze. In order to know the problem, you can create a new collection and move all this collection’s users to the new collection and try it.
If this technique didn’t work, you can submit a report ticket: Submit a Support Ticket

Hi @mycheze,

Did you tried deleting this magic text and reloading your browser and then adding it again?

Thank you

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