My count is equal to 0 no matter what

Under my shop order collection, i want to count the total records. However, even if there are 5 records, adalo always only returns 0??? and i dont know why? Please help!!!

Hi @helpme,

Could you add some screenshots? Did you try reloading your tab?

Thank you

the first image shows the count in the database


Yes i did try reloading my tab @dilon_perera

Did you tried removing the magic text in the action Order ID field and adding it again?

Or maybe formatting this as None?


yes I have, none of those work


Is it possible to add a video of this full setup and the preview?

Could you please grab a screen recording (I recommend Loom) to show us all the details and what’s happening?

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I faced this issue long time ago, suddenly all count are returning 0 , I opened a ticket with support
Next day it start working again, not sure if they have fixed something or it was just a temporary bug on my apps/collections

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I see okay, Thanks for sharing that, Ill try that

I cant really do a screen recording due to confidentiality, sorry @charleshope @dilon_perera

That’s OK!

Did you tried deleting the text component and reloading your tab and then add a text component again and add the count from magic text?

Still if that doesn’t works the best is to Submit a Support Ticket like @mohmdfawzi did!

@helpme I’m a little confused by your request versus the images you show. So the Order ID field is within the Shop Order collection, yet the function you have in place is a simple count of the Shop Order collection? So are you trying to have a new, unique order ID calculated every time an order is submitted? With your current function, even if it worked, you’d run into duplicate order IDs if some are added after some are deleted, since the function is asking for the current count at the time of submission…if that makes sense and if I’m understanding your set up the way it looks by your screenshots.

Also, with the 5 records you have, did you manually add them in the backend of the database or did you add them using a preview version of the app through whatever submission form you have in place?

Sorry if the questions seem silly, but we’d really have to understand what you’re workimg with and how you’re getting there.

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