Custom Formula doesn't display when total equals zero

I’m having an issue where my custom formula does not display when the total is zero, however it does display when the calculation is greater or less than zero.

It used to work fine and stopped around a week ago.
Anyone experiencing the same thing and/or know how to work around it?

*Example using Custom Formula (5 minus 3)

*Example using Custom Formula (5 minus 5)

That’s weird, I never experienced something like this.

So it’s stuck at 0?

Not sure if I misunderstood your comment but…
Zero is what custom formulas always display when they are in the editor.

The second picture for each is what it shows in the previewer. So basically if the calculation in a custom formula equals zero, the previewer (and testflight) don’t display anything.

Yeah Adalo had today a problem with previewer and they fixed it, thy said if data doesn’t load in you message a support!

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Hi @Michael,

Definitely this is a bug - checked, same problem.
I’d suggest submitting a ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket



Thanks guys,
I just got a response for Support last night.
Looks like they are aware of the issue and working on fixing it.


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