Custom list greater than 4 columns

is there a way to increase the number of columns in a custom list above 4? Or maybe another alternative to handle this? we are trying to spread a list across a 32 inch screen so it shows lots of results at once.

Hi @aesir,

The only alternative I can imagine is having several lists side-by-side, with some additional filtering.
Could you please provide a bit more details about what should be displayed (in brief), data size and how many columns do you need? And also what actions should be performed inside the list item?

Best regards, Victor.

Basically we built an in and out board that shows people’s status in the workplace. the problem is if it is displayed on a tv there is a lot of wasted horizontal space there there ends up being many employees. I suppose we could do some sort of filtering or re-do the aspect ratio to mount the tv vertically instead

Hi @aesir :wave:

Like this?

I created this with 3 lists and a filter.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

yes similar to that. only your list is still only 4 wide. but that is basically what we did as well

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