Card list with more than 2 columns

I am experimenting with Adalo and for that I am creating a Card list pulling some records from a DB.
All works great, however only allows 2 columns, making it look weird on a full screen PC.
Is there a way to change this? only options I see are 1 or 2 columns.

Hi Manuel,

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The Card List has up to 2 columns. You can add that feature request here.

But you can add up to 4 columns on a custom list.

Card List :

Custom List :

Thank you

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Hi, thank you for your answer.
I converted the Card list to a list, unfortunately when I say 4 columns I get this:

Something I am overlooking?

Your Welcome!

Do like this and try.

Stretch the screen size ( vertical ) and stretch the custom list ( vertical ).

Makes no difference, you can see on my pic that even the search box shows 3 times if I say 3 columns…

Stretch the list and try.

Did you add the search box to the list? If it is remove it and try.

removed the search box and still…if I say 2 columns of more all is duplicated and overlaped.
Probably something was broken during the conversion, I wanted to keep the card format…will just delete the page and start over again.
thanks for your help

Idont get it…

If you stretch the list then it will be okay. Not sure what’s happening.

If it is possible can you send a clone of your app to see?

Or you can Submit A Support Ticket.

Or you can continue with the Card List and make a feature request to add more columns.

Thank you

Hey @milincheta,
Try this out:

  1. Insert a custom list component ( List of [Database collection] )
  2. Drag and Drop a rectangle + text + button
  3. Set the text, image etc. using magic text
  4. Resize according to your requirements

Hopefully this should work out fine for you!

thanks @dilon_perera for your help, that solved the issue!

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Great and Your Welcome!