Custom list isActive

Ive made a custom list and put a toggle on it with a Boolean and isActive. If i only want the customer to pick one of them. Can i make the list set False when clicking another list item?Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 21.15.44

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False is the default (so if it is empty, it’s FALSE). It might be that you can use conditional formatting to hide the toggle if [relationship]'s [collection item] count <> 0?

It looks like you have products, so it would only be visible if [relationship]'s > Products > active count is not equal to zero.

If you share a bit more of your use case, it might be that the forum can help further if that doesn’t assist.

Only one item should be possible to set as true. When an item is true, the other 2 items are false. Right now the user have to uncheck the previous click like in the middle.

You’re trying to use a checkbox as a radio button. Toggle probably isn’t the way to do this then.

Instead, why don’t you create a one-to-many relationship (Many Item > 1 pack type) and have an ‘empty toggle’ icon set that pack type as the item’s pack type when clicked. Then conditionally hide that icon and show a ‘ticked’ icon when current pack type is that item’s pack type.

Im not sure what you mean with pack type.

I don’t speak whatever language this in, sorry. If you explain your use case and collection names, I’ll make it clearer.

1 Valj paket to 1 product?

Sounds like i need some coffee to wake up before i start doing this. Yeah, paket is same as package. Its swedish.