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I want to create a checklist where I have the name of that checklist like “Trip list” and tasks like “Bag”, “Jacket”, “T-shirt” etc related to that checklist.

When I choose the checklist, I want to change the state to “Done” and save it in database for every task related if is completed.

How can I do a thing like this?

Thanks for the support!

Hi @GiuseppeAlongi,

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Could you explain a bit more of what you need? You mean like there’s a true/false property for checklists and tasks and when the user marks the true/false property for the checklist as true then all the tasks of the checklist true/false properties should be marked as true and show as Done?

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Hello, please follow these steps in order to solve your problem :

1- Create a collection called “Trip list” and create a (True/False) property called “Done”.
2- Create a collection called “Tasks or tools”
3- Create a relationship between these two collections which will be like that ( Each trip list can have multiple tasks and Each task belongs to one Trip list).
4- Now, create a button which creates a “Trip list”.
5- Create a new screen called “Choose tasks”, which will contains a list of tasks.
6- Add a (Toggle to this list) and add actions to it (to add or remove the current task from the current Trip list)
7- Finally, create a button component under the list and add an action (Update current Trip list) and then make the (Done) property => True.

I hope i have solved your problem.

Thank you!

Hi, I fixed but however thanks for hints.

I noticed, from the preview, that if I change the status of a task, for example from False to True, the status will change in the database, altering what all other users will also see. How can I make sure that a user doesn’t alter the status of a global task?

Hello, this can be made by only showing the records specified for every user. and that will be made by creating a relationship between a collection and the (Users) collection and then every user can only see or edit a private record which others cannot see.

Thank you!

Hi thanks.

So during registration, on submit need to create a task every user? Also if the tasks are the same?

Hello, I didn’t understand your question exactly. Please can you clarify what you mean?

Thank you!

Every user must have a task? So during registration need to create the user and the task to connect?

Hello, so it depends on the type of the relationship that you would like to create between the (Users) and (Tasks) collections. Usually we create the way that every user can have multiple tasks. When signing up you just register the new user, but you should have another screen where you create a task for that specific user.

Thank you!

Sorry but I don’t understand.

I want to create this app, where users can see some checklist like Hobby, Work, and each checklist has multiple task. The user can change the state of a particular task to Done or not with a toggle. In this way, unfortunately, if that user change the state of that task will change also for each other user.

I don’t want that a single user can change the state of the tasks for each other user, but only for him. How can I do this?

Thanks for the support.

Correct? : Checklist and Tasks

Hello, each task should have a toggle component that will indicate if it was done or not. then if the logged in user checks his task as done, the task will be marked as done, and it won’t affect other tasks or users. the toggle will be for every task.

Thank you!


yes is correct! Thanks!

Last question.
Each checklist has many tasks related. Each checklist may have also same tasks related to other checklists.

For example:
Checklist 1 has Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3 (like pencil, t-shirt and shoes).
Also Checklist 2 has Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3, but for example Checklist 3 no.

Actually, if I complete a task, that task will be completed also in other checklist related to that task.

So, we fixed the problem of users. Now we must to fix this problem of related checklist and task completed and not.

Thanks for the support!

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