Custom List not Loading from External Collection

Hey guys - had something weird happen where a custom list that was working fine for weeks suddenly is no longer loading. The list displays records from an external collection (Knack object) that was working up until yesterday and would display items like the below example:

Suddenly, we had users reporting that their records weren’t loading as seen below:

It looks like the list is trying to load (spinning circle/wheel is present). At first, I couldn’t reproduce the issue as when I loaded this screen both in the native app and PWA it was working fine. However when I load this screen from a private browser session, I managed to reproduce issue, and when I inspect the screen there is a 403 error on the request.

The external collection is set up correctly and was working fine up until yesterday. I’ve tried adding a new external collection to replace the existing one but that made no difference. I also have other external collections pointing to Knack objects that work fine, so I don’t know what the problem is here.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Hey Zak,

This sounds to me like an issue with the external collection. Perhaps they changed something within their API? Could you DM me the details if you don’t want them public so I could take a deeper look?

This seems to have resolved itself after I rebuilt the list using a new external collection call. What’s weird is there was no API change from the external collection side, and other lists referencing the same API in our app were working fine.

I’m fairly certain this issue was on their API side. But I am glad it is working again now!