All my external collection not loading data

Please i need help, all my list loading from external collection not displaying data, its strange cause they all work few days back. All my api endpoint all works when i test on postman or browser, but on adalo is not displaying data.

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yup having the same problem, think they did some changes that break it

same problem here. when I try to add a new one now it gives error

how long do I have to go without being able to work on my app?

same here too, for the pass 4 days now and no response from Adalo team.

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My custom actions convert the query “?” parameter into “%3F” causing an error. This worked yesterday.

Hi everyone. We are looking into the multiple reports of this not working.

I will post an update on this as soon as I can.

This issue appears to be resolved for me now. Thanks for fixing it.

my issues still persist, external collection not loading