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Hello! I have a small list with a normal magic text component and a button, plus 2 components (input and slider) on a conditional visibility (if type=str then show the imput field, if type=int then show slider). Problem is those 2 don’t appear ever. Collections are ok, edit styles is on “none fixed”.
So what could the problem be? Any ideas?



Start by removing the visibility and re-applying. I think there is a bug in Adalo affecting conditional visibility, it is very hard to pinpoint. My gut says it happens when copying components or lists. Or it seems to break for another reason and all conditional visibility need to be reapplied on that screen or group.

It’s an unclear explanation but if I ever pinpoint it I will update this.

Rule of thumb. Remove all conditions, then apply them again and test at every step change.

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Hi Rozza
Thank you for your lights on the matter. Indeed there are bugs hanging around!

By the way, do you know why, on the same project, a list with the answers wouldn’t display the number of the question (index)?

Hello @emanolito

I can’t recall if there was a relationship from Question_library to Answers. If there is you should be able to reference it, another way to do it is store the index in the Answers collection as an integer.

I think Question_sheet is redundant btw. Not sure if that was covered in our previous conversations.

Hi @Rozza !
Q_lib is related to Answers


Otherwise question-sheet is referenced in the button, I don’t know what it does:
Button 28 [ok] > Click Actions>
Create Answer [1ère action : concatène toutes réponses possibles]
* Input (Other components >) (réponse texte)
* User tempinteger [Logged in user > tempinteger] (intensité)
* User tempboolstr [Logged in user > tempboolstr] (intensité)
* User tempstring [Logged in user > tempstring] (émoticônes)

	Date_session > * Current Time  [Date format Relative]
	User > Logged in user
	Question_sheet > Current Question_library > Question_sheet
	Question_library > Current Question_library

	Integer > * User tempinteger  [Logged in user > tempinteger]

If I might also ask:

The conditional fields (slider input) on top of the screen keep on miving up and down from one questuion to the next. I’ve tryed putting a rectangle underneath and grouping them, or putting all the elements first then turning them into a list for no avail: the input box won’t appear! What’s the problem?

Hard to say without physically having a look. I would suggest making sure all components are touching to the next, precisely. It is a frustration. Please consider there might be an issue with the slider component in this way, not respecting spacing to other components. Put that one at the bottom.

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