Daily Group Chat: Organize Conversations by Date Automatically

The feature I’m envisioning for my app is a conversational screen where each conversation is organized by date. Each day, a new conversation will be automatically generated and displayed to all users, who will be able to participate in group chats within each conversation. Once a day has passed, the previous day’s conversation will become read-only, and a new conversation will be created with the current date. This will allow for easy and intuitive organization of conversations by date, while also ensuring that users are always participating in the most up-to-date conversations.

Hi @a.kyriakouu ,

You can have pre defined daily group chat collection which spans in the future, how far along, it will depends on the admin that will prepare those, it can be automated but needs trigger to create future records of that collection.

In the list, filter based on current time, so it will only show today’s chat, for read-only chat, it could be in another list which direct to screen that is showing read-only chat.