Daily quotes app?


I’m new to this, but I was wondering how I can make an app that allows the user to receive random daily quotes at a specific time each day? What features do I need to use to do this?

Your help is appreciated! Thanks very much!

@vvv You’ll need a database/collection with list of quotes. And then use that to generate a quote from the existing ones using rand() funtion available.

ex: if you have 100 quotes in your collection, you’ll set a rand(1,100), each day when the user opens the app, this random function can be triggered to show 1 quote out of the 100 from the collections randomly.

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Thank you so much for your help!!! What would I need to do so that the user receives a notification at a specific time each day (eg. 9 am) that allows them to go to the app and then view the random daily quote?

like how can I make the notification display the daily quote sentence?

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