Random quote picker out of data base

hey guys,
I am trying to create a random quote feature in my app where everytime you click on the random picker button the random quote (out of my database) will appear above the random-picker button. with the hopes of gaining the knowledge I have been watching countless videos and trying to understand something, but in the end the only thing that I gain is frustration. there seems like something is going wrong everytime, so i really hope that someone can help me solve this problem. thanks!

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Hi @Antonio1 ,

Do you have mockups to show ?

By “out of database”, do you mean calling API ?

by out of database I mean from my collection. i created a collection that says quotes and just added a bunch of quotes in it.

Hi @Antonio1,

In your Random Picker settings you need to choose Pick a new item option t choose a new quote!

If you need to show a quote not from your database you can use API’s! : Some Tips and Tricks by this Semi Noob! 😅 ( Tip No 9 )

Thank you

You can check here, this method is by pressing a button: Generating Random Item in Adalo collection - YouTube

If that is the case, I have made an example in the Komun template here,

At the top, there is a quote list that is randomly generated.

Have fun, playing with them.

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