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Hello, I am using a custom action to send a confermation email using sendgrid. The integration works but I have some problems with the date format. How can I fix this problem? In particular I would like to have the name of the day, the date, time etc… Thank you!

Hi @Filli ,
Which type of field you are using, “Date&Time” in the custom action?


Which field are you using to add the Date into the custom action itself. Say, from Database or from a form?

Hello @JL_LJ, yes I am using the Date and Time Type in the custom action.
The data are taken from database, the user has selected the date in a previous step using a date picker.

And the field in the Database where data is stored?

Date and time format

I cannot check in a computer now. but try to change the input of the dates in custom action to Text instead of Date.

Hi @Filli,
I change the format in the custom action to text:

In the body of the click action:




So working as expected if using the input in the custom action as Text and then in the click action the Date with your desired format.

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