Date visibility

Hello, I am making a reservation app and I made a sendinblue integration, which sends the user a summary of the reservation…

The problem that when I select 05/10/2022 in the app, a number like 19082 arrives in the mail instead of the date… how should it be solved?

Hi, how is formatted the date when the action is called ? The magic text date field should be Not formatted

Hello, great, if you explain a little because I don’t know how to solve it

I mean, when you call the external action, how is the date property formatted? In most of cases should be not formatted. But I’m not sure as I never used sendinblue
Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 6.21.31 PM

This is how it is saved in the database

This is how it is configured in the custom action

And so the mail arrives


Is that property text or date in your collection?

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Its a date property …

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